As soon as Shepard entered the Main Battery, Garrus grabbed her by the arm and dragged her over to the left side of the room.

Wrapping an arm around her waist he said, “Alright Shepard, smile!”

A bright flash went off and Shepard blinked away the spots. “Garrus, what are you doing?”

Garrus let go of her, looking at the picture on his omni-tool. “Hmm, no that won’t do.” He reached out to her.

Shepard crossed her arms over her chest. “Garrus.”

He looked at her with a sheepish look. “Shepard, I was thinking.” Her eyes followed him as he began walking around the room. “We don’t have a lot of pictures of us. I’d like to have one to keep around.”

"And here I thought you had hundred’s of them. Why else do you keep wearing that visor to bed?" She gave him a little grin, waggling her eyebrows.

"Heh no, although now that you mention it…" He trailed off as she held up her hand.

"No way, big guy. What happens in our bed, stays in our bed."

"Fair enough." He took hold of her hands. "But I would like for there to be something to look back on." He hesitated before adding, "Maybe something to show our kids?"

Shepard paused, feeling her heart skip a beat. How could she ever say no to him now? She nodded her response not trusting herself to speak.

His mandibles spread wide as he smiled down at her. She turned back toward the camera, putting her arm around him and felt him pull her a little bit closer.

Now she had something else to live for.

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